1.  24*7 Ambulance Services: Speedy transportation of patients during emergencies is of prime importance as timely initiation of medical attention can make the difference between life and death. DAY currently runs three ambulances (two patient transport and one ALS ambulance) to ensure proper and timely transportation of patients from within and around to city of Kolkata. What makes it different from the others is the subsidized rates and also free service to those who cannot afford this service.

         2.  Patient Sponsorship programs: Population screening and identification of diabetics is only part of the battle won. Along with increasing awareness on healthy lifestyle, it is also important to support treatment of those under-privileged patients who cannot afford treatment costs. We are proud to have adopted five type 1 children and 50 type 2 adult patients to whom we provide insulin along with other associated essential accessories such as glucometer and the strips for testing sugar levels. To ensure continuum of care we also ensure regular interactions with and follow-up of with these patients.