Diabetes, the silent killer is spreading globally by leaps and bounds. It has already been declared by the WHO as a condition of epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, public awareness on the causative factors and nuances of the disease remain low till date leading to not only further spread of the disease but also hurdles in its management. DAY strives to make a difference in the society in its own little way to help prevent and manage diabetes thereby adding healthy years to life.

Since our inception as a not-for-profit organization in Kolkata in 2006, we have traversed a long and arduous path while developing and implementing along the way a slew of initiatives aimed at not only increasing awareness about diabetes amongst the general population but also enhancing the skills of doctors and paramedics in prevention and management of the disease.

Till date, DAY has successfully implemented over 100 programs annually across the state of West Bengal in the areas of school awareness, public awareness mobile camps, education programs for doctors and nutritionists other than enabling the process of creating the cadre of Diabetes Educators.

Though our main aim is to spread awareness about the disease, it is our firm belief that we can continue to do much more with your help. The path ahead will continue to be difficult and long. However, together we can achieve more and we earnestly request your support to continue our services to the society.



Foster a Diabetes Aware Society and add healthy years to life.



Empower the population with knowledge about diabetes, its prevention and management through healthy lifestyle or appropriate treatment while facilitating affordability and accessibility of these services for the economically disadvantaged section of our society.