Best Indian Diabetes Educator Award

Invitation for Self-nomination 

‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator of the Year (2022-23)’ & ‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator of the Year (2022-23)’

Since inception in 2006, Diabetes Awareness & You (DAY) is striving for diabetes education for all via different activities with the MISSION: ‘Foster a Diabetes Aware Society & add healthy years to LIFE’. It is our staunch belief that Diabetes Educators are the key people in the diabetes management team and they play an important role in bridging the gap between the patient and the doctor.

We at DAY are continuously undertaking education programs for doctors & diabetes educators under ‘Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) and have been successfully running the CCDE (Certificate Course for Diabetes Educator) course for the last 5 years, which is now  UGC approved college [Raj Narendra Lal Khan Women’s College (Autonomous)] recognised course. 

In recognition of the role of Diabetes Educators, ‘International Diabetes Educator’s Day’ was launched on September 5, 2016 by the then President of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Dr. Shaukat Sadikot and got endorsed by ‘SAARC Diabetes Control 2030’ at Dhaka in 2019 and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2021. Since 2016, 5th September is celebrated as ‘International Diabetes Educator’s Day’ every year.

DAYDEIC (DAY Diabetes Educator’s International Conference) was organized for the first time in India in 2016 with 125 participants from different countries. Since then, we have continued to organize this conference every year. In continuity of the tradition set, DAYDEIC is also being organized this year.

Since 2019, as part of DAYDEIC, we have also introduced the practice of recognizing the contributions of the Diabetes Educators through the ‘Best DAY Diabetes Educator of the Year’ award and Ms. Kajal Hansda, Diabetes Educator was the recipient of that prestigious award. In 2020, the award was expanded to all over India and renamed as ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator of the Year ’. The award was won by Dr. Kavita Gupta from Nagpur, Maharastra. From last year, along with the ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator of the Year (2020-21)’ we have introduced the ‘‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator of the Year’’. In 2021, we didn’t get suitable candidate for the award ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator (2020-21) and Ms. Shimanti Chandra from Kolkata, West Bengal has got the award ‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator (2020-21). Similarly  in 2022, we didn’t get suitable candidate for the award ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator (2021-22) and Ms. Natasha Vora from Mumbai, Maharashtra has got the award ‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator (2021-22).These awards usually be given on the occasion of ‘International Diabetes Educator’s Day, 5th September (IDED)’and this year the same will be handed over at 8th DAYDEIC (DAY Diabetes Educators International Conference) on 3rd  September.

We invite Diabetes Educators from all corners of India to self-nominate under the category of their eligibly based on the rules and regulations provided below. The awards will be given to the most deserving candidate for each of the two categories. An all India Jury Board will be responsible for selection of the awardee for each category. The winner of ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator’ and the ‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator’ of the year will get a  medal, certificate & cash prize of Rs 10000/- and Rs 5000/- respectively. For update of this event, please follow our FB Page

Rules & Regulation

  • Only Indian national can participate by submitting self nomination through below link by clicking the appropriate button below,
  • The candidate must be Certified Diabetes Educator prior to 1st April, 2022,
  • Provided the candidate never won this award earlier,
  • 35 years of age (as on 1st April, 2022) is the cut off between two categories of award i.e. below 35 years of age is eligible for ‘Best Indian Junior Diabetes Educator Award of the year (2022-23)’ and above 35 years of age is eligible for ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator Award of the year (2022-23)’,
  • The following should be uploaded in the specific format in pdf, ( i)CV (Annexure 1) ( ii)Any other achievements/publication/award/honour (Annexure 2) (iii)5/10 case studies, as the case may be (Annexure 3) ,
  • You may download and follow the sample case study format (Sample Case Study)
  • Self Nomination was opened on 15th July, 2023 and was closed at 24.00 hours of 15th August, 2023,
  • A confirmative email will be sent once nomination is received,
  • After receiving the nominations, a screening committee shall shortlist the candidates,
  • An incomplete nomination will be rejected,
  • Shortlisted candidates shall be interviewed by an all India Jury Board on a virtual platform,
  • The decision of Screening Committee / Jury Board is FINAL
  • Roles & Responsibilities of winner : a) To be the Brand Ambassador of Diabetes Education for 1 year, b)To support promotion of Diabetes Education in India and c) He/She will hand over the prize and certificate to his/her sucessor next year.
  • Awards will be given on 2nd September at 8th DAYDEIC, organising to mark the ‘International Diabetes Educator’s Day, 5th September’.

Every update will be posted on DAY FB page

No phone calls shall be entertained before/after submitting nomination or regarding progress of the event.

However, for clarification or better understanding of the process, you may email your queries to