International Diabetes Educators Day

In recognition of the role of Diabetes Educators in management of diabetes across the world, ’International Diabetes Educator’s Day, 5th September (IDED)’ has been launched in the year 2016 by unveiling a commemorative postage stamp with the LOGO of IDED, by Dr. Shaukat Sadikot, the then President, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in presence of Sri Biman Banerjee, Hon’ble Speaker, WBLA, Dr. Banshi Saboo, Secretary, Diabetes India, Dr. Sukumar Mukhopadhyay, Eminent Physician, Prof Apurba Mukherjee, President, RSSDI, WB Chapter, Dr. Debasis Basu, President, DAY & Sri Indrajit Majumder, Secretray, DAY & hundreds of DAY Members & Well Wishers.

Since then, we are organizing DAYDEIC (DAY Diabetes Educators International Conference) to observe IDED with the THEME (2017-2020) – ‘Diabetes Educators : Time to pair up with’. The IDED has already got acceptance internationally and it has already been adopted in ‘SAARC Diabetes Control Mission : 2030’ held at Dhaka in 2019. The much awaited recognition of IDED was achieved on 5th September, 20212 at 6th DAYDEIC. Prof. Andrew Boulton, the President of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was present on the occasion virtually to declare the same. Please see the video. 

There are lot of activities held in last years like walk, conference, debate, symposium all across India and abroad. We have started ‘Best Diabetes Educator’ award for the year 2018-19 among the Diabetes Educators in Kolkata, West Bengal and announced ‘Best Indian Diabetes Educator Award (2019-20)’ this year onwards. 

The THEME of next five years (2022-2026) of IDED is “Access to Diabetes Education for all”.

The blue human body vector signifies each one of you, each one of us and every Diabetes Educator(DE) around the globe…who is surrounded by the powerful ring of the 5 fundamental instruments for proper Diabetes Management: 

1. Healthy Diet,

2. Regular Physical Activity, 

3. Will to Rectify Bad Habits, 

4. SMBG,  

5. Mindfulness(which solves many problems & enables the subject to cope with the conflicts of mind & body and find peace within)                              

And finally not to forget the importance of medication adherence marked by the strip of medicines and injectables(viz. insulin – dose titration) in the two hands.

The up and down movement of the kite depicts the high and low blood glucose levels(glycaemic variability – the heinous predictor of complications) confirmed by the numbers obtained from that mystic red drop of blood. 

The mission of the DE is to keep a tight leash(with the 5 coloured string) for the steady movement of that kite which depicts the blood glucose numbers as well as all other laboratory parameters as per the recommendations of the guidelines for individual target which effectively shall take care of the final outcome of a PWD and keeps him/her in the pink of health. Education is light, a glow brighter than a thousand suns, therefore it is the performance of the educator who will show the world the light of the “DAY”. A bright & warm “sunny” halo of the power of knowledge is seen to emanate from the educator to teach the PWD about DSME & also provide DSMS as & when required.

The blue circle symbolizes the unity amongst one & all in civil society under the clear blue sky of pure awareness which is the most important tool to combat the deadly demon in the modern world & the concept resonates vibrantly with the mission of International Diabetes Federation(IDF) as well.



Oath of a Diabetes Educator

  • I am a true and dedicated diabetes educator,
  • Every breathing diabetes patient is my responsibility,
  • Education is my key, empowerment is my goal,
  • I promise to be receptive, understand, empathize, reflect and reassure without bias,
  • I will keep myself updated on the latest developments in diabetes management and share the same for the benefit of the sick,
  • I will not be ashamed to say “I know not,” nor will I fail to call on my colleagues when the skills of another is needed for a patient’s recovery,
  • I will respect the privacy of all my patients,
  • I commit to foster a diabetes aware society and add healthy years to life,
  • I have been and will continue to strive for a diabetes free society.