Type One ┬áRun– It is a grassroots movement of ordinary people dedicated to building support, community and awareness for those affected by Type1 Diabetes through running. It will be performed in collaboration with JDRF and beyondtype1. We encourage anyone to get involved to minimize the stigma related to Type1 DM.

Insulin & device Distribution– Planning to provide insulin along with other associated essential accessories such as glucometer and the strips for testing sugar levels to the unprivileged one. To ensure continuum of care we also ensure regular interactions with and follow-up of with these patients.

Sports and social gathering– at regular interval arrangement of tours and social gathering to minimize the stigma as well as involve all of them to the mainstream of society.

Empowerment– Empower each and every type1 diabetic in such way that they are capable and empowered enough to be self sufficient and lead their life on a healthy way.