Diabetes research is one of the keys to open a new look into the future for all people with diabetes(PWD). Scientists around the world are conducting diabetes research across a phenomenal variety of fields to find a cure for diabetes, improving diabetes medication and diagnostics, and making the day to day life of PWD easier to lead. A vast majority of potential new therapies that exhibited promise in early stage laboratory studies in animal models were found to be unsafe and/or ineffective when tested in randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies in humans. The therapeutic value and safety of all treatments must be evaluated rigorously, and long term human patient protections must be documented for better functional clarity from the real world evidence(RWE) studies. We at DAY have already embarked on conduct trials of such stature since last year and strive to continue our activities in this area.

In addition, DAY has been organising school awareness programs over the last decade and has been successful in conveying the importance of a healthy lifestyle among students. These programs schedule half yearly visits to each school targeted and are based on a patient, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) model approach. Our interventions include interactive sessions and questionnaires which enable us to understand the perception / awareness of students at baseline and then compare the same with the impact that the learning imparted on outcome.  Overall we believe that an interpretative philosophy is required for this purpose, i.e. the understanding of how groups adopt and adapt to the use of education & better practices. The data collected during these sessions help us to formulate and plan strategic interventions on the basis of the results.

Furthermore, based on the input and knowledge accumulated from one-on-one interactions with patients at our state of the art consulting-clinics across the different districts of the state, we can safely say that the plethora of  clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic data   collected is robust and credible thus contributing to continued research.

Pharma-companies keep assessing of our research capabilities and involve us to conduct phase III and phase IV clinical research as we are confident of assuring high quality clinical testing and dutiful documentation with disciplined record keeping. Having, set up a myriad of observations from various grounds such as schools and diverse economic bases that goes on to cover rural/suburban areas, we plan to document and keep an ever-growing arena of research which in turn helps to embody our dreams where people affected by Diabetes will one day self-sufficiently deal with their ailment.

Our able team of activists is led by a dedicated clinical trialist who can not only design protocol of any clinical study that sponsors wish to undertake & execute from start to end but also conduct trials of any magnitude from her experience in a variety of national & international trials.