Diabetes Awareness &You (DAY) is striving hard to support provisions for team-based care and the prevention of diabetes as a part of dedicated healthcare reform in India. Can we care to just think from the patient’s perspective point of view? Every day, each choice related to food and physical activity & stressful life can affect the blood glucose of Persons/Person living With Diabetes (PWD). For all, managing diabetes will last their entire lifetime. What about the role of health care providers? If PWD sees a health care provider(Doctor) for a maximum of 15 mins, that too, 4 times each year (which surely exceeds the access provided in our usual health care system), they would hardly get to spend 0.011% (1 h of 8,760 hours per year) of their lives to get some advice on diabetes management. The responsibility for managing diabetes rests on the shoulders of the person with diabetes and their family. The reality is that the person living with diabetes struggles with daily decisions that will affect their blood glucose: when to test, when to eat, how much to eat, when to correct, whether it is safe to exercise, and even whether it is safe to go to sleep. These are just the basic immediate questions. Then there is an additional layer of responsibility that burdens the individual. Here we at DAY strongly feels that we need well trained Diabetes Educators, Nurses, Dietitians in our society to accompany the Doctors in order to build India a ‘Diabetes Care Capital of the World’. We are conducting CMEs all over India & abroad for Doctors with recent updates on Diabetes and other diseases and started a project called DEEP (Diabetes Empowerment Education Program) for diabetes education of healthcare providers. Under this project we are running Certificate Course for Diabetes Educators (CCDE) and introduced Refresher Course on Clinical Diet (RCCD). There are lot of courses are coming up like Advanced Course on Clinical Diet (ACCD), Advanced Course for Diabetes Educators (ACDE) etc. Eminent experts are associated with these courses as the Courses Directors, National Advisors & International Advisors. Please call +91 8336977344 or follow us at for latest updates of different courses.