DAY, a short fiction film on Diabetes Awareness

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Synopsis & details of the film

The movie revolves around the general life mainly on an urban cityscape. It starts with an allegory of a flying kite with blood sugar control with the climax reaching as there is a subtle hint that hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) might augur fatality(from the funeral chant). Sequentially it blends with the 10 year old boy with Type 1 Diabetes(T1D) suffering from such a bout because of skipping his snack after his regular shot of insulin while playing. There is this typical corporate professional Abir, whose unhealthy lifestyle behaviour( unscheduled dietary habits and no exercise with long working hours till late night, smoker), extreme mental stress & snoring habits finally helped him to catch up with the inevitable – T2D; a condition which has affected more than 75million people in India so far. He presents to the doctor with a problem leading to marital disharmony. The maid at their house who often is gifted with the left over junk at home is the mother of that T1D boy who struggles to put up with the enormous expense that is required to manage this condition. Abir’s friend, Bikram lives abroad and plans to visit his parents during the Puja time. His wife is pregnant and like more than 1 out of 4 Indian women has been affected with Gestational Diabetes(GDM).There is this boy who stays in the same apartment where Bikram’s father Ramenbabu lives meets a girl, his neighbour as he climbs on to her terrace to fetch a kite. She is an atypical case of Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young Type 5(MODY5) where she has to undergo regular dialysis & take insulin shots. Unfortunately she fails to pull through. Ramenbabu & Girinbabu are two old school friends from the same locality who are both suffering from T2D and are not adequately aware to “self manage” themselves, incorporating aberrations from forbidden lifestyle changes into usual daily routine. The rickshaw puller Ali, who has a non healing foot ulcer(with a high probability of amputation) resulting from stones in the pancreas,(Type 3c)) is not yet cautious about the magnitude of the problem. Girinbabu’s casual approach to health cost him his vision one day. Bikram’s wife is seen here to take additional half unit insulin more to adjust to sweets which she wishes to indulge in the guise of sacred “Prasad”.

 In a nutshell this short film will tell the world everything that one should know about Diabetes to “arise, awake & wait not till the goal is reached”. Although Diabetes is a result of a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and environment, there are steps we can take together to help reduce its impact on individuals and their families.

This initiative is dedicated to increasing awareness and inspiring action to ultimately confront India’s both T1 & T2D epidemic head on – one community and one patient at a time. Each person who has Diabetes is different, and their treatment plan needs to be customized to their specific needs. It may be very different from that of other people you know with Diabetes.