We have published two books of periodical updates for Diabetes Educators and Dietitians, which will help them in their professional life to provide better healthcare service to patients and we are going to publish the first edition of these two books on the occasion of 8th DAYDEIC, going to organize to mark the IDED, 2023. ‘Periodical Updates for Diabetes Educators, 2023’ and ‘Periodical Updates for Dietitians, 2023’, are based on latest guidelines and different chapters are written by the national and international experts. Our Vice President  Dr. Mary D’Cruz and Executive Member & Senior Dietitian Ms. Kalpana Ray are  the Editor-in-Chief of these books respectively. Mr Indrajit Majumder, Secretary, DAY is the Editor of these books. 

Different chapters of these books are contributed by national and international experts and the contents of these books are as follows:

Updates for Diabetes Educators, 2023

Updates for Dietitians, 2023

Role of Diabetes Educators

Dietitian’s Career

Educating the family members of PWDs

Uses of Nutraceuticals in MNT

Insulin injection techniques: What the DEs should know?

Fast Life & Fast Food

Impotance of physical activities in Diabetes

MNT in Child Obesity

Challenges with co-morbidities in Diabetes

MNT in Gastrointestinal Disorder

Foot care in Diabetes: What’s the role of DE

MNT in Diabetes Mellitus

Mental Health care in Diabetes

MNT in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Social barriers of Diabetes and role of a DE

MNT in Kidney Diseases

An overview of diet in Diabetes

MNT in Cardiac & Vascular Diseases

Diabetes & Pregnancy


How do you monitor Diabetes

MNT in Cancer

Technology in Diabetes Management

MNT in Critical Care

Vaccination in Diabetes

MNT in Geriatrics

Counselling Strategies for DE

Uses of Millets in MNT

Facts about artificial sweetners

Nutrition in bone health & joint pain

Know about other Types of Diabetes

Nutrition in Neurological problems

Normal ranges in Diabetes

Exercise and Diet

Myths & Facts of Diabetes

Traditional healthy recipe of different state


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