Mr. DAY, Ambassador of Diabetes Awareness or Mascot of Diabetes

Mr. DAY, Ambassador of Diabetes Awareness or Mascot of Diabetes, was launched on World Diabetes Day, 2019 at Kolkata Press Club by Smt Chandrima Bhattacharya, Hon’ble MoS, Health & Family Welfare Deptt, Govt. of West Bengal in presence of other guests from all walks of life.
A cartoon which one cannot miss, is this middle-aged and very relatable Mr.DAY, dispensing basic information and advice on DIABETES on hoardings, billboards & all forms of social networking on audiovisual & print media. He comes across as a friendly and very approachable character who can deftly handle the sensitive questions, the public ask him.
The campaign has been undertaken by the Diabetes Awareness & You (DAY) to reach out extensively to the people starting from the state of West Bengal panning into the entire country & of course with an ambition to be a globetrotter missionary in the near future. The concept is based on exactly the similar note as the iconic Buladi designed on the theme that chosen by the United Nations for World AIDS Day.
The objective of the campaign is to educate all the ordinary men of this society and enable them individually to graduate from being a responsible stakeholder to a promising torchbearer educating one & all about the realities of the worst emergency that has hit mankind so silently. The communication is initially targeted to both the urban, semi-urban & rural population of West Bengal & other states of India. Mr. DAY takes the role of a social worker, who commutes by public transport sporting a blue(depicting the IDF blue which  messenger sidebag which carries a treasury of all that it matters, enters the lives of the common people and is always available on a toll free helpline in future. In the first phase of the campaign he creates awareness and tries to break myths. In the second phase, he gets a little more personal and talks about intimate problems.
The global need of the hour urgently is an Ambassador for Diabetes Awareness mission who is intangibly omnipresent but of warm deportment, whose acceptance as a friend/uncle/brother would be guaranteed across a whole cross-section of people & will be relentlessly playing an exemplary role model of an educator in an amiable and non-controversial manner.
The plan is to take the campaign to schools, institutions, corporate houses, dhabas, roadside motels & luxury hotels, aircrafts & trains as well as government hospitals and medicine shops with promotional voluntary counseling and testing centres, urging people to check blood sugar rather than horoscopes to plan their future course of life.