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1. In routine clinical practice, how many NAFLD patients do you treat in a month?

2. NAFLD is metabolic condition and commonly associated with Obesity, DM and Dyslipidemia. So, in which type of patients, based on major guidelines such as  AASLD/EASL/ADA do you recommend screening of NAFLD disease?  (Can tick multiple options)

3. In routine clinical practice; which diagnostic tests do you apply to confirm NAFLD diagnosis in suspected patients? (Can tick multiple options)

4. What percentage of your Diabetic patients do you screen for Liver Enzyme / Ultrasonography for suspected NAFLD?

5. Which of below mentioned tests would you prefer to evaluate risk of fibrosis in NAFLD patients? (Can tick multiple options)

6. In current routine practice, which is most common medication that do you prescribe in NAFLD treatment?

7. In current time, Saroglitazar is the only approved medication for NAFLD management. So in how many NAFLD patients would you like to start or switch to Saroglitazar treatment ?

8. What duration of therapy do you recommend for Saroglitazar to your NAFLD patients?

9. In what % of your NAFLD patients, do you observe absolute fat reduction after Saroglitazar therapy in USG?

10. How much average Liver enzyme reduction, do you observe in NAFLD patients after Saroglitazar treatment ?

11. In how many NAFLD patients after Saroglitazar treatment, do you find regression in level of fibrosis?

12. How would you like to scale safety experience of Saroglitazar in routine practice?