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1. The joint Commission mandates that nutrition screening within ………. hours of admission to an acute care centre.

2. Portion size calculation is not an essential part for preparation of a particular diet chart of an individual.

3. Which is important for nutritional assessment?

4. Stamp is the nutritional tool for_______

5. RDA of different minerals & vitamins according to ICMR should not be kept in knowledge  while planning a diet chart.

6. For an adult clinic-based patient the following anthropometric measurements are taken:

7. Calculation of percentile is essential for planning diet chart for paediatric individual.

8. What is the Estimated Average Requirement of energy (According to EAR, 2023) for 7 to 9 years of children?

9. A 65 years female come to your clinic with different problems like High BP , Diabetes & Hyperlipidemia . Her height is 157cm. & weight is 65kg. What should be the energy requirement of this patient per day ?

10. A 57 years old man is suffering from diabetes &CKD.  He has grade 3 CKD. His height is 167cm. & body weight is 65 kg. What will  be the dietary protein intake /day suitable for him?

11. In your own clinical experience, how much average HbA1C reduction do you see with Sitagliptin?

12. Do you feel Sitagliptin is the best studied gliptin as regard to Cardio safety data in T2DM patients?

13. In your opinion, what would be an ideal patient who is to be started on Sitagliptin?

14. In your clinical practice how frequently do you see patients with high HbA1C levels who require the combination of Sitagliptin + Metformin?

15. In your opinion, is the use of FDC ofDPP4i +Metformin safer than sequential addition of DPP4i to Metformin Therapy?

16. In your opinion, what would you look forward in newly manufactured Sitagliptin?

17. Which are clinical features of Sitagliptin do you consider more beneficial compared to other DPP4 inhibitors?