CCDE Module 2

All fields are mandatory and you have to attempt all questions. Full Marks: 10x1=10.

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1.Full form of DSME is _______

2.  Who plays an important role in PWD’S life___________

3.  Following are the barriers to Diabetes care except________

4.What a caregiver should feel for his PWD (Person with Diabetes)?

5.  Characteristics of S.M.A.R.T Goals_________

6.  Following are the patient centered approach questions except___________

7. Following are the disadvantages of HbA1c for the diagnosis of diabetes except_______

8.  Collaborate = Listener+------------------+Direction

9. Following points are used for Implementation & following up of PWD, except_______

10. As per DSME, Integration with other therapies is one of the guiding principles

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