CCDE Module 10

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1.Which is the better questioning method for PwDs?

2. Depression is associated with higher rates of mortality in PwDs.

3.Ideal sitting position of DE during counselling of PwD is like clock position at  ______.

4.  Following are the counseling skills of DE except _________.

5. When patient is anxious about disclosing self or trying new behavior, which kind of counselling skill is required?

6. The following supports are vital component in the successful control of Diabetes except ______.

7. Patient is undergoing an emotional experience. Being a DE which counselling approach will you choose?

8. To facilitate change in patients, the DE should be competent in the following skills except _____.

9. Following are the groups of support behaviors except ________.

10. Seating posture of a DE during counselling should not be with cross arms & legs.

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