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1. When do you initiate Dapagliflozin in the Management of T2DM in your clinical practice?

2. What percentage of patients do you prescribe Dapagliflozin in your practice?

3. In your clinical opinion, how often do you check HbA1c?

4. How much HbA1C do you target for in your clinical practice?

5. In your clinical practice what is the primary reason for T2DM patients coming for consultation?

6. In your clinical practice, on an average how much HbA1C reduction do you notice with Dapagliflozin?

7. In your opinion, to have most of the benefits of Dapagliflozin when should it be ideally started in Management of T2DM?

8. What type of patients benefits more from Dapagliflozin in your clinical practice?

9. As per your clinical experience, Dapagliflozin is superior compared to other SGLT2 inhibitors in which clinical parameters?

10. In your clinical practice, what percentage of patients develops UTI after starting SGLT2inhibitors?

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